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SEOUL (Nikkei)--Japanese armed forces would have to have Seoul's permission to deploy to the Korean Peninsula, South Korea's vice minister for defense told The Nikkei.

PYONGYANG (Kyodo)--A nonprofit organization headed by Japanese lawmaker Antonio Inoki on Monday opened an office in North Korea to facilitate exchanges between the two countries through sports.

TOKYO (Nikkei)--A string of Chinese and South Korean shipbuilders have gone under as the collapse in demand following the global financial crisis left the industry with a glut of capacity.

GWANGJU (Kyodo)--A South Korean court on Friday ruled in favor of four Korean women who were forcibly conscripted as laborers during Japan's colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula, ordering Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. to pay them 150 million won (about $141,510) each in compensation.

SEOUL (Nikkei)--Deep divisions in the government may keep South Korea, a self-proclaimed champion of free trade, from participating in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

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