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TOKYO (Nikkei ) -- Japan's five major banking groups rang up strong net profits in the first half as Abenomics lit a fire under stocks and corporate earnings, but narrowing margins in core lending operations may threaten their ability to keep it going as the Bank of Japan's loose-money policy keeps interest rates low.

TOKYO (Nikkei) -- Japanese companies have roared back to life on the tail winds of a weaker yen and stronger demand from abroad, achieving 42% growth in aggregate pretax profit in the first half.

TOKYO (Nikkei) --Japan's five major banking groups received a big boost from soaring stock prices and a resurgent economy, seeing their collective net profit grow 60% in the April-September period to some 1.65 trillion yen ($16.44 billion), the highest level for an interim in seven years.

TOKYO (Nikkei) -- Three out of four major general contractors have downgraded their fiscal 2013 operating profit forecasts despite higher sales forecast, as rising material and labor costs squeeze their bottom lines.

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Japanese companies will likely report a remarkable earnings recovery in the year ending March 2014, with such exporters as carmakers and electronics manufacturers buoyed by a soft yen while telecommunications and retail firms benefit from improving domestic demand.

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