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GUANGZHOU -- China's change to its longtime one-child policy, announced last Saturday, reflects sharply growing concerns about the future of the country's social security system and labor supply.

KASHGAR, China -- Anti-Beijing sentiment is growing among ethnic Uighurs in western China, where authorities have tightened the screws on the minority group in response to outbreaks of violence blamed on pro-independence militants.

BEIJING (Nikkei) -- The Communist Party of China announced the creation of a new high-level security organ at the Third Plenum of its Central Committee, which ended Nov. 12, raising questions about whether its role will be similar to the National Security Council in Washington, which provides policy advice to the U.S. president.

BANGKOK (Nikkei) -- China's government-owned automaker, SAIC Motor, is teaming up with a Thai conglomerate that has deep Chinese roots to take on the local market, aiming to steal market share away from dominant Japanese carmakers.

TOKYO (Nikkei) -- In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, have come to play a greater role in the militaries of major nations around the world, including China and the U.S.

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