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TORU TAKAHASHI, Nikkei staff writer BANGKOK -- China has scored a major deal with Thailand, under which China will buy 1 million tons of rice and 200,000 tons of natural rubber from Thailand over the next five years. In exchange, China has gained the right to join in a high-speed rail project in the Southeast Asian country.

JAKARTA (Nikkei) -- Known for its heavy road traffic, the Indonesian capital now finds a similar situation playing out in its skies as aviation infrastructure struggles to keep up with soaring air travel demand.

MUMBAI (Nikkei) -- The Indian government has given the go-ahead for Swedish fast fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to set up shop in the country, the latest in a series of entries into the largely untapped Indian retail market by European firms.

TOKYO (Nikkei) -- Scoot Pte., a low-cost carrier wholly owned by Singapore Airlines, is working on a sales push for the Japan market. CEO Campbell Wilson has declared that the cutting-edge Boeing 787 the firm will start buying at the end of next year will begin flying at an early stage of operations. For Japan Scoot currently offers only a Singapore-Narita route, but Wilson revealed plans to add more Japan routes, saying, "Kansai International Airport is the next candidate."

TAIPEI (Nikkei) -- The global embrace of tablets has Taiwan's big personal computer manufacturers hurting. Acer's and Asus' shipments are tumbling, dragging earnings down with them. The companies' focus on individual customers, rather than corporations, has compounded their problems.

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